Our mission is to promote democracy through innovative digital technology dedicated to monitor parliament activities, ensure accountability in politics and reinforce dialogue between citizens and their representatives.

We are all legally independent, non-partisan and not for profit organisations, who support parliamentary openness as expressed in the Declaration on Parliamentary Openess.

From our blog:

Knowing about the impact of lobby organisations on legislation is a condition for a well-functioning democratic system. If civil society are supposed to control political power in democracies, each citizen needs access to all the information created by the political entities. Since 2010, abgeordnetenwatch.de has been running a blog publishing articles about lobbyism and transparency… Read More

Since 2012 the promises of the French President are tracked by Le Monde : * for François Hollande * for Emmanuel Macron In 2017, we decided to track the promises of mayors in partnership with 10 regional newspapers. The Beta version is online on https://promessesdelus.org/ The aims of the project are to: * Restore value… Read More

ParliamentWatch Network Members met in Berlin on 23 November 2017 and reaffirm their goal to promote democracy in their respective societies With different mottos but the same spirit to promote democracy within their respective societies, seven members of the ParliamentWatch Network met in Berlin on the 23rd of November for a two day meeting which… Read More

The projects in the Parliament Network share a common principle: to serve the public and work for the common good. Even aside from our work as activists, bloggers and naggers we try to cater to this principle in every way possible. Since a large part of such an organisation relies on computer systems, we aim… Read More

This might not sound flattering, but the Greek Parliament is no stranger to absurdity. The perennial problems of the Greek political system have been impacting Greece’s top legislative institution for decades. Indeed, the economic crisis of recent years has served as a “magnifying glass”; the legislative process and the self-monitoring systems are the two main… Read More