Elige y Cuestiona, the Mexican initiative, to be launched soon.


Mexico is now taking a step forward towards a new communication stage between citizens and their political representatives. Elige y Cuestiona (www.eligeycuestiona.org) is the name of the project that intends to provide Mexican citizens and representatives with a tool to engage with elected representatives through a moderated Q&A mechanism. Elige y Cuestiona is an independent, non-partisan and non-for-profit initiative run by volunteer-citizens who seek to improve the quality of Mexican democracy. The project has been led by Ricardo Cuéllar, Miguel Barousse, Carlos González and Luis Martínez.

Elige y Cuestiona aims at:

  • Strengthening the relationship and trust between citizens and their representatives.
  • Improving the representation system, via a more effective accountability system.
  • Contributing to create better citizens (not only voters) by increasing their participation in public matters.
  • Strengthening the creation of a new generation of Mexican politicians who seek to better represent the citizens.


Elige y Cuestiona´s vision is that Mexicans -more than 120 million living in 32 federated states or, say, in more than 2,400 municipalities- have the right tools to question their representatives and understand better what they think and why they make certain decisions on issues they care about.

Elige y Cuestiona will be launched, on a first phase, for the governor elections of the state of Durango (with around 1.7 million inhabitants). The launching date is April the 11th.

Twitter: @elige_cuestiona

Facebook: Elige y Cuestiona México