Since 2012 the promises of the French President are tracked by Le Monde :
* for François Hollande
* for Emmanuel Macron

In 2017, we decided to track the promises of mayors in partnership with 10 regional newspapers.

The Beta version is online on

The aims of the project are to:
* Restore value and meaning to the word “promises”
* Encourage mayors to make fewer promises during the elections and to hold them once they are elected
* Make elected officials aware of their responsabilities (avoid the “race to the promises”) but also the citizens (propensity to elect the politicians who make them dream)
* Get involved in a constructive approach at a time when citizens’ mistrust of politics has never been greater

For each mayor, two types of promises will be followed:
* The promises made during the election campaign
* The promises made during the mandate

The presentation of the promises and their evaluation will be carried out by the journalists of each newspaper.

Each promise will be commented with:
* A pictogram: green (promise fulfilled), orange (promise partially realized), red (promise not realized), gray (promise difficult to evaluate)
* An explanation of the evaluation (text, image or video format)
* Mayor’s Right of Response

Any person interested by this project can contact us at