In partnership with the petition website, the weekly magazine L’Express and the survey institute Odoxa, Parliamentwatch France ( launched an initiative to empower citizens who started an online petition and managed to gather more than 100 000 signatures.

The goal of the partnership is to give an easy and efficient tool to know the point of view of elected representatives (deputies, senators or European deputies depending on the subject) and put the subject on the parliamentary agenda.


How does it work ? tested the initiative with Elise Lucet, an investigative reporter, who launched a petition on to stop the project of European directive on trade secrets.

The magazine L’Express published 3 articles on the issue, Odoxa conducted a survey & Elise Lucet asked all the French European deputies to give their point of view via the website.

Until now, 485 000 citizens signed the petition & 40 out of 74 French european deputies answered the question.


For more information on the partnership, see the following two links:

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